Now the privacy and security of sensitive information, applications and transactions are available via an easy to use biometric voice log-in interface: VoiceKeyID.  Neusoft to support VoiceKeyID™ for developers of business and consumer applications globally.

WELLESLEY, MASS, USA & Tampere, Finland — Porticus Technology, Inc., in conjunction with Neusoft Mobile Solutions, a business unit of Neusoft Corporation (“Neusoft”, 600718.SH), will make VoiceKeyID available for all Nokia device operating systems: Symbian^3, WindowsPhone7 and MeeGo.  The two have signed a long term partnership agreement to support the Nokia ecosystem and developer community. As part of partnership, Neusoft will also be creating and publishing VoiceKeyID secured business and consumer applications on the OVI and Microsoft Marketplace appstores.

Originally developed for use by Interpol as a forensic tool, VoiceKeyID enables 4-factor security by tethering a user’s biometric identity (voice, password) to the device ID and location ID. Through a single API and voice user interface, high value content on mobile device applications can embed a biometrically secured log-in. Beyond securing a device or application from unauthorized access VoiceKeyID also meets multi-factor compliance requirements with the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC)* and HIPPA.

Porticus CEO, Mr. Germano Di Mambro, states “Privacy and security are becoming a big concern for IT and employee devices as well a business to consumer applications. IT grapples with security by setting a 30 day password reset policy or requiring costly hardware tokens. With VoiceKeyID, IT now has an alternative, a user friendly method for log-in authentication of employee devices and applications. For enterprise and business-to-consumer applications on appstores, VoiceKeyID can replace the bad user experience of manual password entry on a small keyboard with an easy to use voice biometric user interface.”

Neusoft’s Account Manager for security services, Mr. Eero Rostiala comments “We designed user experience to be hands free and seamless to the mobile device and independent of operating system, benefiting wireless ecosystem businesses and consumers alike”

VoiceKeyID easily augments existing ID Management systems or integrated with Mobile Device Management solutions. The company also offers VoiceKeyID for the iPhone and Android platforms.

Until now, biometric lock applications required specific hardware such as fingerprint readers on devices, something not practical or cost effective.  By being software only and spoken language-independent, VoiceKeyID is a natural choice for global enterprise security and consumer applications. “Porticus believes authenticating oneself must be easy, private and convenient, regardless of spoken language or accent, and this all begins with a personal wireless device and content.” said Germano Di Mambro, founder of Porticus Technology.

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About Porticus Technology, Inc.
Porticus Technology, Inc. is headquartered in Wellesley, MA USA with R&D in Europe. Porticus Technology’s patented highly secure voice biometric VoiceKeyID, is an easy to employ voice activated log-in software designed to protect user devices, applications and the data that reside on the devices.  Any mobile or wireless technology can benefit from biometric level voice security control as an alternative to a manual insecure Username/PIN.  For more information please visit

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