Porticus officially releases its new VoicekeyID™ 2.0 Patented four factor authentication system today.  Unlike network based systems that can be hacked, this program runs completely on device, is light weight (low computer memory use) and delivers an exponential level of security to devices and users. The VoicekeyID engine inside is able to detect recording playback attempts and requires user to be in possession of their device for transactions or log-ins. Patented Tetrad™ security combines four factors for authentication, voice, password, device ID, and location ID for authentication. These four factors together, running at DSP level, ensure an exponential level of security for sensitive applications, data/media and transactions.

A demonstration in front of 6 Engineers of a leading chip manufacturer left hem in awe when they witnessed flawless authentication on an I-Phone App. even when the I-phone was 10 feet away from the person talking into it for authentication. VoiceKeyID 2.0 is fast and requires no additional equipment like other biometrics, and is becoming the security method of choice.  As financial transactions continue to become digital and be enacted by digital processes such as cell phone transactions, and furthermore if money is going to continue to trend toward digital as in bitcoin or blockchain technology, then four factor voiceprint based security will become the preferred method of choice.  

VoiceKeyID 2.0 is available in iOS, Android, DSPs and Windows/Linux.  For further information contact Germano DiMambro,  germano@porticusinc.com

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