Patented innovations lead to biometric security on a tamper proof DSP chip or embedded in Wireless Operating Systems

WELLESLEY, MA – Porticus Technology (, a security solutions provider, today announced the issuance of a new U.S. Patent No. 8,280,740 B2 supporting a breakthrough design solution that is required to miniaturize a complex biometric technology to run on both DSP chips and mobile Operating System environments such as iOS and Android. The embedded version of VoiceKeyID™ (VKID) is designed to work with any DSP chip, across multiple mobile devices and on any OS without any additional hardware.

In accordance with Porticus’ patented inventions and new embedded design, VKID technology can be implemented for very high application security requirements at the device, application or OS level. The cutting edge inventions, are scalable and user friendly and thereby provide optimal privacy and convenience. Beyond making a mobile device more secure, embedding this complex biometric technology at the chip level provides inherent performance and energy saving benefits.

“Porticus, along with its partners, has been defining and developing a wide range of technology innovations which enable secure mobile commerce,” said Germano Di Mambro, founder and CEO of Porticus Technology. “Part of the payoff for our work is: 1] delivering these patented security products to market, 2] overcoming usability and scaling challenges and 3] eliminating the last barrier to mass market global security implementation. The embedded VKID design version is available for manufacturing in high volumes for existing DSP processes. VKID is also available for Android and iOS operating systems as a software only implementation.”

About Porticus Technology, Inc.
Porticus Technology, Inc. is dedicated in a mission to both simplify and advance security for industry and consumers alike. Our patented technology is holistic in use and universally scalable across the wireless ecosystem. It is a highly secure 4-factor voice biometric authentication software module, called VoiceKeyID™, that is easily employed to provide voice activated login designed to protect user devices, data, applications and the accompanying networks linked to servers.

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