As a Security Services provider, Porticus Technology, Inc. announces its VKID-DEV developer program that contains API’s for accessing a core voice biometric algorithm and front-end security applications for iOS mobile devices. Program developers now will be able to easily embed and deploy seamless login security to their iOS Apps and services. The VKID-DEV tools will permit embedding security through a standard Voice Log-in User Interface which includes user registration and secure authentication.

As part of this VKID-DEV program, iOS developers will also have access to a “secure vault” application. This vault App allows end-users to securely login to Safari browser applications automatically (saving the manual entry effort). Additionally, Vault users will have the capability of storing sensitive documents, multi-media images and files locally inside the vault. Included with this vault App is SSL Data encryption and customer back-end integration support. VKID-DEV developers will have an array of customization and service options to implement 4-factor (voice, pass phrase, device ID, device location) security to their Apps. Porticus Technology professional services include: App integration, user experience consulting with advanced security integration and deployment support.

VKID-DEV delivers Porticus’ extensive voice biometric and encryption security expertise and service capabilities to a diverse developer base – ranging from start-ups to educational institutions, wireless carriers, OEMs, and large enterprises. VKID also runs on other mobile device platforms such as Android, Symbian, etc.

Contact: Russ Cramer
781-431-2325 /

Porticus Technology, Inc. is dedicated in a mission to both simplify and advance security for industry and consumers alike. Our patented technology is holistic in use and universally scalable across the wireless ecosystem. It is a highly secure 4-factor voice biometric authentication software module, called VoiceKeyID™, that is easily employed to provide voice activated login designed to protect user devices, data, applications and the accompanying networks linked to servers.

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