For the first time, students and faculty have voice authentication security for their mobile device – privacy with a 4-factor biometric voice authentication security App for their sensitive information: transcripts (i.e. grades, class assignments, etc.), enrollment information, ID numbers and other personal papers and records.

WELLESLEY, MASS, USA & Washington, DC – Porticus Technology, Inc. and The George Washington University (GWU) will collaborate to make an iPhone App available to GWU’s 24,000 students and employees. As part of a multi-year partnership, GWU’s Volgenau School of Engineering & Science will research and optimize the VoiceKeyID™ 4-factor Voice Biometric Authentication software from Porticus to provide reliable services to a diverse student population. The App aims to offer GWU students and faculty secure access to online academic information without manually using multiple usernames and passwords.

For accessing academic information on a website, a student only needs to speak a pass-phrase for the website. The iPhone/iPad compares the voice against the encrypted registered voiceprint on the device. If a successful match is found, the corresponding website URL, username and password will be securely retrieved. The application then opens the website and fills in the login data automatically.

Originally developed for use by Interpol as a forensic tool, the Porticus VoiceKeyID (VKID) enables 4-factor security by tethering a user’s biometric identity (voice & password) to the device ID and location ID. Through a single API and voice user interface, high value content on mobile device applications can embed a biometrically secured log-in. Beyond securing a device or application from unauthorized access, VKID also is compliant with the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

Porticus CEO and founder, Germano DiMambro, states, “We are honored to have a dynamic partnership with The George Washington University. Together, we will ensure that standard cyber security, using voice biometric authentication and data encryption, is tightly coupled with the Apple iOS for an optimal and highly secure user experience.”

Some of the findings from the GWU graduate classwork were, being that the file system of smartphones is easily accessible by hackers/viruses and vulnerable to security threats, using VKID to secure the files and sensitive information stored on the phone will greatly improve security via 4 factors of device security (via user voice, passphrase, device ID and network ID). Students and faculty felt that the increased security was easily handled by the test iPhone/iPad with no noticeable lag in any of the new applications or in the device operation.

Until now, biometric lock applications required specific hardware such as on-device fingerprint readers or retina scanners which often are not very practical or cost effective. By being software only and also spoken language independent, VKID is a natural choice for global enterprise security and for consumer applications. “Porticus believes that authentication of oneself must be easy, private and convenient, regardless of the spoken language or accent; and this all begins with a personal wireless device and content.” said Mr. Di Mambro.

About The George Washington University:

The George Washington University actively engages Washington, D.C., and the world. Our location in the heart of Washington places us at the core of U.S. government, policy and law. We sit where the worlds of science, technology, media and the arts converge. Our students and faculty have the unparalleled opportunity to study and work alongside leaders and practitioners in every discipline, to take part in the interchanges that shape our community and the world.

About Porticus Technology, Inc.
Porticus Technology, Inc. is dedicated in a mission to both simplify and advance security for industry and consumers alike. Our patented technology is holistic in use and universally scalable across the wireless ecosystem. It is a highly secure 4-factor voice biometric authentication software module, called VoiceKeyID™, that is easily employed to provide voice activated login designed to protect user devices, data, applications and the accompanying networks linked to servers.

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