WELLESLEY, Mass. — Porticus Technology, Inc. and Aftek have ported the Porticus patented voice biometric authentication system, VoiceKeyID, to the Android Platform.  The SDK/API is available as a multi-factor security solution for Android device makers, carriers, enterprises and mobile application providers.  According to Germano Di Mambro, Founder and  CEO of Porticus Technology, “Replacing an insecure manual username log-in on a small keyboard with a easy to use hands-free voice biometric application makes sense for the device’s security and usability.”  Aftek has also created a robust mobile security solution, AmSecure, based on a VoiceKeyID.  Aftek is launching AmSecure on the Android Appstore in the 4th quarter, 2010.

“Multi-factor user verification is becoming a required standard in many industries, and voice authentication not only comes naturally to humans, it is very ergonomic in operation to mobile users,” said Germano Di Mambro.  “We designed the Android API to work with any device, performing either device lock or voice log-in to an application” notes Amit Raje, Sr. VP (Engineering) of Aftek.  “Our AmSecure mobile security solution makes mobile security friendly and private for users.”, he says.

To combat fraud/theft in today’s mobile environment, application providers, device makers, carriers, and enterprises need enhanced security that is scalable to many users – but at a low cost.  Since VoiceKeyID is software that runs on-device it can even perform device lock.  This advanced security capability allows Android device makers and carriers to minimize fines and losses on hacked phones being sent overseas.
Porticus and Aftek are also combining VoiceKeyID with Aftek’s Android based Vehicle Tracking System application.  Verifying users and their location is important in many industries like Government, Healthcare and Field Personnel.”, states Germano Di Mambro.
To become a member of Porticus Technology’s partner program or to learn more about how secure voice authentication can be integrated into your business environment, please contact Porticus at +1-781-431-2325.

About Aftek

Aftek Limited is a public limited, innovative IT solutions provider with full spectrum technology services, based in India since 1987. www.aftek.com

Aftek and Android

Aftek specializes in Enterprise & Mobile applications, Embedded, BSP and Hardware design and development. Focused investments in research & development and industry exposure enables the company to reach beyond the basic IT services to design and deliver projects, products and implement end-to-end solutions.

Android provides end to end open source stack for mobile, embedded and enterprise applications. There is a natural synergy between Android stack and Aftek’s core capabilities.
Aftek is focused on architecting and developing various components and frameworks over Android aiming to reduce cost of development and enabling faster ROI.

About Porticus Technology, Inc.

Porticus Technology is driving the adoption of voice biometric authentication for secure and trusted remote communication. Based on more than a decade of research and development in forensics, Porticus’ patent-pending voice print technology overcomes common problems associated with voice biometric use. The company’s suite of software-only solutions–Versona™ –can be customized and easily integrated or embedded for multi-factor user authentication within highly regulated markets such as banking, financial services, gaming and health care. The company is headquartered in Massachusetts and maintains research and development facilities in Europe and Asia. For more information, visit www.porticusinc.com.

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