Wireless Industry Veteran for Mobile Security Provider

WELLESLEY , MASS. — Porticus Technology, Inc., voted to elect David W. Kress, an MIT educated wireless industry veteran currently with Analog Devices, Inc.  “David is a welcome complement to the Board.  We value David’s unique perspective and experience in navigating global markets” states Germano Di Mambro, CEO. In 2010 Porticus’ VoiceKeyID™ will be available for every major wireless operating system with an API for easy integration with Applications and platforms.

For years, pundits from worldwide biometrics communities have suggested that unique measurable human traits—such as a fingerprint, iris scan, face or hand geometry may be useful in establishing greater security while automating the authentication process. When implemented correctly, biometrics protect personal privacy better than any other method. Voice has become a viable option for identification security and remote authentication for wireless transactions as it is the most natural, least invasive and least expensive biometric to integrate. Currently, VoiceKeyID™ APIs are available for Symbian and iPhone Application Providers and Developers.

About Porticus Technology, Inc.

Porticus Technology™ is driving the adoption of voice biometric authentication for secure and trusted remote communication. Based on more than a decade of research and development in forensics, Porticus’ patent-pending voice print technology overcomes common problems associated with voice biometric use such as background noise interference and recording playback. The company’s suite of software-only solutions–Versona™ –can be customized and easily integrated or embedded for multi-factor user authentication within highly regulated markets such as banking, financial services, gaming and health care. The company is headquartered in Massachusetts and maintains research and development facilities in Europe and Asia. For more information, visit www.porticusinc.com.

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