Embedded and Interactive Voice Response Options Available

NEW YORK (SpeechTEK 2006; Booth #723) — Porticus Technology, Inc. today introduces its Versona™ family of voice authentication solutions for both Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems and embedded options (wireless or semiconductor), delivering industry-first ‘triple-factor’ authentication.  Simply defined, triple-factor authentication combines something you know (your pass phrase), something you are (your voice), and something you have (a wireless handset/device or landline phone). Versona from Porticus, based on a patent-pending voice algorithm developed during the course of a decade, relies on the Physiological aspects (length, width and thickness) of the human vocal tract, making it less susceptible to background noise, recorded playback and intra-speaker variability (cold or flu).

For years, pundits from worldwide biometrics communities have suggested that unique measurable human traits—such as a fingerprint, iris scan, face or hand geometry may be useful in establishing greater security while automating the authentication process. When implemented correctly, biometrics protect personal privacy better than any other method. Voice has become a viable option for identification security and remote authentication for wireless transactions as it is the most natural, least invasive and least expensive biometric to integrate.

“Banks, credit card issuers, healthcare providers and insurance companies have stepped up their investigation and implementation of voice biometrics for phone-based caller authentication,” said Dan Miller, senior analyst at Opus Research. “Our research shows voice to be a more accurate biometric than fingerprint, iris or facial scans and this comes with a cost advantage because it involves no specialized hardware.”

Wireless Authentication Now Available Through Versona Embedded Option

For wireless handset and device manufacturers, wireless carriers and semiconductor makers, Porticus’ Versona Embeddedsolution delivers a software-only voice biometric that can leverage the power of and dependence on mobile form factors. The arrival of m-commerce, launch of the mobile wallet and increasing reliance on remote access (wirelessly or via the Internet) to financial data has stimulated a paramount need for a consistent and trusted level of security to maintain consumer- and business confidence.

Based upon an open API for native mobile operating systems (Symbian, J2ME and Windows Mobile), Versona Embedded offers an ideal development platform for applications where positive user identification is a must.  The underlying voice biometric component provides advanced, hands-free security for wireless device, data and applications. Additionally, given its software-only implementation, Versona Embedded can be pre-loaded and shipped with a handset or downloaded (including updates) Over the Air (OTA) directly to device.

When used within call centers or IVR systems, Versona automates user authentication, thus eliminating the need for a time-consuming series of questions asked by call center agents to determine, verify and authenticate caller identity—ultimately adding to a customer’s convenience and satisfaction. The design architecture of Versona IVR is an open, modular and industry-standards based platform using J2EE, XML and LDAP. Porticus Technology also offers a web service API for easy integration into new or existing IVR or call center environments.

“The Versona architecture was designed for easy integration within any IVR, call center or device,” said Germano Di Mambro, founder and CEO of Porticus. “By using multi-factor authentication, customers eliminate wasted time spent trying to verify identity, while adding a layer of security that is being demanded in today’s threat-filled digital environment.”

Dr. T.J. Hazen, an expert in the field of speaker identification and research scientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s (MIT) Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory completed a detailed review of the Porticus Versona solution and wrote, “The Porticus voice authentication system was designed with real-world applications in mind and, has actual field-test results which support the benefits of its technology.”

To become a member of Porticus Technology’s partner program or to learn more about how to integrate secure voice authentication within your business environment, please contact Porticus at +1-888-549-5556.

About Porticus Technology, Inc.

Porticus Technology™ is driving the adoption of voice biometric authentication for secure and trusted remote communication. Based on more than a decade of research and development in forensics, Porticus’ patent-pending voice print technology overcomes common problems associated with voice biometric use such as background noise interference and recording playback. The company’s suite of software-only solutions–Versona™ –can be customized and easily integrated or embedded for multi-factor user authentication within highly regulated markets such as banking, financial services, gaming and health care. The company is headquartered in Massachusetts and maintains research and development facilities in Europe and Asia. For more information, visit www.porticusinc.com.

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