Patented biometric technology powers App with security and privacy to protect notes, passwords, photos and data on iOS.

WELLESLEY, MA – Porticus Technology (, a security solutions provider, today announced the availability of VoiceKeyID App in partnership with eProducts, LLC. VoiceKeyID™ (VKID) is designed to work with any DSP chip, across multiple mobile devices and on any OS without any additional hardware.

“In the new digital era privacy and security is paramount to our lives. Protecting wireless device content is key and a voice user interface is easy to use in any spoken language.” said Germano Di Mambro, founder and CEO of Porticus Technology. With partners like eProducts, Porticus has been defining and developing a wide range of technology innovations which enable secure mobile commerce.

VoiceKeyID™ is available in free and Pro versions from the Appstore. Features include the ability to protect pictures and passwords and the ability to choose the security level for your voice key.

About Porticus Technology, Inc.
Porticus Technology, Inc. is dedicated in a mission to both simplify and advance security for industry and consumers alike. Our patented technology is holistic in use and universally scalable across the wireless ecosystem. It is a highly secure 4-factor voice biometric authentication software module, called VoiceKeyID™, that is easily employed to provide voice activated login designed to protect user devices, data, applications and the accompanying networks linked to servers.

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