About Us

Porticus’ global team of talented scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs and advisors are dedicated in a mission to both simplify and advance security for industry and consumer alike.  Our biometric and forensic based technology is holistic in use and universally scalable. The Company’s core algorithm is #1 rated in voice forensic cases across Interpol organizations.

Porticus Technology’s patented highly secure biometric authentication module, VoiceKeyID™, is an easy to employ voice activated log-in designed to protect user devices, applications and the data that reside on them. For transaction applications VoicekeyID includes TETRAD™4 factor security to deliver advanced authentication capability. Together, VoiceKeyID and TETRAD prove the true user is in possession of their device and even in right location. Embedding security in devices and applications is made easy via standard SDK/API.

The ability to perform “live” biometric authentication or transactions locally “on device”, with or without a network connection, solves many current wireless security issues and open new capabilities for Industry.  Once registered, via a hands free voice user interface, any sensitive App button such as email, text, contact list, banking, photo/video can be secured. Mobile or wireless technology, automobiles, homes, even wearables, can benefit from Biometric level voice control as an alternative to an insecure manual entry of Username/PIN.

VoiceKeyID™ is available for iOS, Android, Windows and Embedded DSP platforms such as Qualcomm Snapdragon.

The Company is headquartered in Wellesley, Massachusetts and maintains research and development facilities in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Porticus Technology - Wireless Phone Security