Peter J. Wilkinson

peterjwilkinsonPeter J. Wilkinson is an independent consultant concentrating on the application of strategic management and technology solutions for the business community.

He has significant background in systems planning/design, enterprise systems integration, product development, sales and marketing. Pete has directed the delivery of technological innovations that meet the client’s vision, and excels in environments that value cutting edge solutions while maintaining secure and compliant competitive advantages.

From 1997 to 2007, Pete was a senior executive with Sovereign Bank. As Executive Director of Systems Delivery he managed the successful outsourcing of core bank systems, design and development of enterprise wide middleware, business line and vendor relationship managers and introduced and launched the first secure, wireless, at the customer site, “Bank in a Briefcase”.

Prior to his work at Sovereign, Pete spent over 20 years as both a buyer and seller of systems and technology. During his early career he managed banking and trust functions, sold computer timesharing services and was EVP and Chief Operating Officer for a 9 bank downstream holding company.

While at Digital Equipment, Pete’s extremely successful sales approach was to provide prospects first with strategic software solutions that were then accompanied by significant hardware and network components. Those customers included firms in the pharmaceutical and financial services industries as well as the government.

All of this experience has formed a strong foundation for Pete’s consulting practice which is based upon the principles of thorough due diligence, liaison between all parts of the client organization, proactive project management and detailed contingency planning.

Pete is a graduate of Fordham University and a former Lieutenant in the U.S. Army.


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