Russell E. Cramer III

russcramerRuss Cramer is Director of Business Development at Porticus Technology with a focus on government and OEM relationships.  He has both a Bachelor and a Master in technology and has many years of electronic design as well as sales (computer, telecom & information security) and sales management experience.

During his career, Russ has designed, tested and built electronic components and provided hardware, software, systems to end-users, OEM’s in the government and also into the commercial and educational markets.  He has worked for Data General (now EMC Corp.), National Security Agency (with a TSC security clearance), USAF (Officer), Digital Equipment (now HP), Eastman Kodak (with a Secret security clearance), NEC, and Wall Data.

A sample of his diverse client base included: Aetna, Analog Devices, Arthur D. Little Systems, The Boston Police Department, Canadian Tire, Liberty Mutual, Motorola of Canada, GE Canada, Smith Kline Beecham, Lechmere, LTX, Siemens, Philips, and Black Box Corporation.

Russ is the founder of Center 2000, LLC in 1997 and holds a BSEE from Lehigh University and a Master’s Degree in Engineering Administration (MEA) from George Washington University. Center 2000, LLC is a telecommunications, network & security services firm that, together with its business partners and associates, worked with clients to provide business and technology solutions that improved their telecommunication and security systems, their network flexibility & efficiency, as well as reduced their system complexity and costs.

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