Implementing together a universal voice user interface, unique device IDs and a biometric engine, the TETRAD VKID security module is ideal for mobile devices and wearables. A patented 4–factor security architecture proves owner is true user, is in possession of device and sequentially authenticates any transaction or command by user from device.

Embedding the TETRAD VKID security into a DSP of choice makes the device internally tamper proof for functions such as voice activation, device lock and voice commands. From the core DSP and through to the OS level, TETRAD can protect the device and App buttons from un-authorized use, and provides user secure credentials for external mobile communications and transactions.

TETRAD Security – How it Works

For high level security applications and functions, the Tetrad VKID patented security module requires 4 factors of security for user authentication. When embedded on a DSP, Tetrad ties together: 2] the Device’s unique ID and 3] the user’s Location ID with a 1] user’s voice biometric and a 4] user’s passphrase.

Elements/Factors of security = Tetrad VKID

  1. Voice biometric ID
  2. Device ID (unique chip identifier)
  3. Optional Location ID (for location based apps, i.e., auto/home/work)
  4. Something User Knows/creates: A passphrase

Transparent in use, all 4 elements come together when a user utters his passphrase. Another way to understand this security approach is to view Tetrad from a musical perspective. In music, a Tetrad is a series of four notes that can form a chord.


Likewise, on a TETRAD enabled mobile device, 4 factors (elements) must come together in an instant for security authentication.

Voice User Interface – Hands Free

Embedded TETRAD security seamlessly becomes part of the device voice user interface. A multi-modal “tap and speak” user experience, running fast on a chip and integrated with device ID factors creates a personalized and advanced security device

Advanced 4-factor Security on Chip

A DSP implementation can be Integrated and optimized for device audio/mic and unique device/chip identifier. A TETRAD VKID security module is capable of powering multiple internal/external functions and strong enough to power mobile transactions. It is also a natural choice for mobile location based applications that require physical access control (auto/home/work).

The result – Personalized Device Based Security

TETRAD security and modular architecture provides the ideal elements for personalized security in a device.

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